📣Top Residential Proxy and Socks5 Solutions in 2024 (Static IP) Offered by PROXY SERVER SELLER, Ensuring Maximum Security and Anonymity with Unlimited Bandwidth.

📣Acquire affordable dedicated residential proxies, HTTP proxies, and Socks5, with prices beginning at only $1.40.

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Enhanced Proxy Capabilities

In comparison to other proxy services, ours stands unparalleled in terms of operational excellence and quality.

📣Specialized in Geo-Targeted Proxy and SOCKS5 technology.

📣Compatible across all platforms, including Android and Chrome OS.

📣Ideal for YouTube proxy usage and other video streaming sites.

📣Our web proxy mimics standard HTTPS traffic, remaining undetectable.

📣Ensures SSL encryption for all accessed websites.

📣Seamless HTML5 video and audio support.

📣User-friendly with no setup required and immediate activation.

📣Conceals your actual IP, enabling anonymous web surfing.

📣Offers a fast connection, limitless bandwidth, and secure data.

📣Ability to specify certain web pages to access via the proxy.

📣Compatible with all internet browsers, bots, and applications that use HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKS protocols.

📣Extensive selection of static IPs from various locations.

📣Reliable 24/7/365 Technical Support with 99% uptime.

📣Diverse payment options, ranging from Credit Cards to Cryptocurrencies.

📣30-day money-back guarantee.

All our Proxies are Super Fast Static IP

Our infrastructure is distinct, rigorously tested, and continuously overseen by vigilant supervisors around the clock.

Fully Anonymous Proxy

cloud database

Our proxies are meticulously configured and vigilantly supervised to guarantee absolute anonymity and to prevent any IP or DNS leaks.

Elite Residential Proxies


Affordable, exclusive, and completely private residential proxies. Industry-leading low prices. Various locations to choose from. Experience our residential proxy today.

Multiple Datacenter

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We provide an extensive network of over 300 servers for our proxy services, continually updating our selection to incorporate additional servers and residential IPs from global locations.

High Quality Private Proxy


Access any site effortlessly using top-tier proxies; PROXY SERVER SELLER web proxy seamlessly links you to your desired websites and ensures smooth browsing.

Affordable Prices Proxy IP

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Our rates are modest and equitable. Explore our pricing structure below, and we assure you'll be satisfied. Plus, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Powerful Automation

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Our system is completely self-sufficient and automatically repairs itself, requiring no external input. Simply purchase a proxy and gain instant access on any device..

Proxy Selection

Select your proxy IP based on subnet, city, state, or country. Full control is in your hands.

Dedicated socks & proxies

IP version : IPv4

Authentication: USER+PASS / IP login

Validity: 30 Days

Compatible with any application or browser

Fully anonymous and undetectable

Powered by 1Gb/s+ connections

Multiple IP subnets

Unlimited bandwidth

Instant activation

You’re the only one using the Proxy IP address


Shared socks & proxies

IP version : IPv4

Authentication: USER+PASS / IP login

Validity: 30 Days

Compatible with any application or browser

Fully anonymous and undetectable

Powered by 1Gb/s+ connections

Multiple IP subnets

Unlimited bandwidth

Instant activation

Multiple users on same Proxy IP address

Type of Proxies ​

You can choose each proxy IP individually by subnet, city, state, or country. You’re in full control. ​

Exclusive Residential Proxy

Every residential proxy in our collection is a dedicated static IP. Unlike other proxy services, we offer enduring access for the duration of your purchase, not just bandwidth. Explore our range of ISP providers.

Choose from our vast array of premium, dedicated residential IPs, available in numerous countries.

Secure HTTPS Proxy

HTTPS offers enhanced security over HTTP by employing digital certificates for secure connections. It’s perfect for safeguarding communications and inspecting client-requested HTTPS traffic on your network.

Our proxies, compatible with TCP tunnel-enabled software, assure seamless HTTP and HTTPS connectivity.

Solely-Owned Dedicated Proxy

Our dedicated proxies are uniquely constructed from scratch, owned exclusively by a single entity, ensuring zero errors or accidental sharing.

We guarantee exclusivity; our dedicated proxies are neither shared nor repurposed.

Optimized YouTube Proxy

Acquire affordable, dedicated, and completely anonymous proxies for an unrestricted YouTube experience. Enjoy high-definition videos from any location. Our proxies support video streaming, comment interaction, account authorization, and more on YouTube.Simply use a web browser to access YouTube videos relevant to your proxy IP’s location.

HTTP Proxy

Acquire a specialized and completely private HTTP proxy. Ensuring your anonymity online, all your web activities and site visits are routed through our secure proxy server.

This proxy enables access to geo-restricted content and scrutinizes the HTTP protocol for any security threats.


Our SOCKSv5 proxy acts as an intermediary for HTTP requests, providing secure and anonymous connections. The SOCKS5 IP is more adaptable, suitable for various protocols and ports, unlike the HTTP proxy which is limited to HTTP traffic only.

Our dedicated SOCKS5 proxies are exclusive and not recycled or repurposed.

Shared Proxy

In addition to dedicated proxies, we offer economical shared proxy options. These shared proxies maintain a high standard of quality, avoiding overloading IPs with excessive users.

Like the dedicated proxies, our shared versions also support HTTP & HTTPS requests.

Mobile Proxy

We provide both Static and mobile proxy services. Our mobile proxy solutions are backed by Sprint Communications (USA) authorization.

Ideal for social media, data scraping, feature testing, or SEO optimization, our mobile proxies are tailored to meet diverse needs.

Elite Quality Private Proxy

We provide the following ISPs for our Residential PROXY and SOCKS5 services:

Our dynamic IP proxy services span over 100+ cities, with continuous expansion to include more global locations.

 Each server is equipped with 1Gbps and 10Gbps network connections, ensuring speed optimization through regular updates to our network infrastructure. 

Enjoy unparalleled performance from advanced Xeon servers, delivering network speeds exceeding 1Gbps with our exclusive proxy IPs. 

PROXY SERVER SELLER is at the forefront, offering the most sophisticated, affordable residential proxy services with the world’s largest and fastest http and Socks5 proxy network.

Our Residential PROXY and SOCKS5 services are designed to meet the highest standards of internet security and efficiency. With Residential PROXY, users gain access to a vast pool of IP addresses, making it ideal for market research, SEO monitoring, and content management without the risk of being blacklisted. Our SOCKS5 protocol enhances the proxy experience, offering better performance with lower latency and support for both TCP and UDP protocols, making it suitable for video streaming, gaming, and secure communication.

We prioritize user privacy and anonymity, ensuring that your real IP address is always hidden, providing a safeguard against tracking and digital profiling. Our services are compatible across various platforms and devices, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workflows. With 24/7 customer support, reliable uptime, and a user-friendly interface, our Residential PROXY and SOCKS5 services are the go-to solutions for businesses and individuals seeking robust, secure, and versatile internet access solutions.

Lowest Prices Proxy Ever!!

We always ensures competitive prices for all our proxies and we always plan to keep them that way

Residential Proxy

Residential Proxy - proxy server seller residential proxy

starts from $4.90/mo

Dadicated Proxy

Dedicated Proxy - proxy server seller residential proxy

unit price $2.45/mo

Socks5 Proxy

Dedicated SOCKS - proxy server seller residential proxy

unit price $2.45/mo


Shared SOCKS/proxy - proxy server seller residential proxy

unit price $1.80/mo

Residential IP price list


Residential Proxy

Residential Socks5

Cogent Communications$4.90$4.90
Global Router LLC$4.90$4.90
Elite Broadband LLC$4.90$4.90
Crocker Communications$4.90$4.90
Adoard Global Reach LLC$4.90$4.90
Altima Telecom$4.90$4.90
Stem Connect$4.90$4.90
Weltnet Broadband$4.90$4.90
Mobile Sprint Communications$7.35$7.35

Buy more pay less, up to 28% discount for orders on an extended period and up to 15% discount for orders with multiple IPs

Proxies by Location

We have Residential, Dedicated, Shared Proxy and SOCKS5 from the following countries

Spanning from US Residential Proxies to Europe, and from Asian proxies to Australia, our extensive global proxy network includes over 300 servers in more than 100 cities, with new locations added regularly. For detailed information on city and state availability.

Use Cases

The number 1 proxy site trusted by companies worldwide

✅Stock Market Research

✅Search Engine Crawlers

✅Review Monitoring

✅Email Protection

✅Youtube Proxy

✅Delivery Program

✅Travel Fare Aggregation

✅Content Management

✅Price Comparison

✅Ad Verification

✅Website Testing

✅SEO Monitoring

✅Unblock Restricted Content

✅Social Media Proxy

✅Brand Protection

✅Market Research

✅Data Scraping

✅Privacy Advantage

Custom Location Residential Proxy

Seeking a residential proxy from a specific location? We’ve got it handled. Once logged in, you can propose new locations, and our administrators will promptly review your suggestions. We regularly check our suggestion list prior to introducing new locations.

Offering residential proxy and dedicated proxy IP at industry-leading low prices, our proxies are ideal for SEO, internet marketing/ads, and various online business activities. Additionally, our proxy serves as an excellent VPN substitute. Give it a try today.

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PROXY SERVER SELLER delivers a completely confidential and robustly secure SOCKSv5 proxy, along with HTTP/HTTPS static proxy IP services, be it dedicated or shared. It’s an ideal choice for anyone seeking to safeguard their privacy, secure data exchanges, or manage IP routes with absolute confidence.

Our clientele spans from individual users to entire teams and corporations. They have consistently appreciated the uninterrupted connectivity and top-tier server speeds we provide, especially beneficial for monitoring online activities or for advertising purposes.

Additionally, the networking tools and services at PROXY SERVER SELLER are engineered to ensure your anonymity and safety, offering high-speed proxy servers that encrypt data, all at competitive rates within the market.


Static IP is optimal for residential proxy and SOCKS5 due to:

  1. Consistent Identity: Maintains a stable online presence.
  2. Reliable Connectivity: Ensures uninterrupted sessions.
  3. Better Reputation: Less likely to be flagged as suspicious.
  4. Easier Whitelisting: Facilitates access to restricted services.
  5. Compatibility with SOCKS5: Offers enhanced security and performance.

The procedure is straightforward. First, register on our website, then fill your cart with IPs from your preferred locations.

Once you’ve bought the proxies/SOCKS, they’re instantly added to your account. You can then immediately begin using our services without any delay.

Indeed, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee is void if usage of our services is detected. Refunds are issued only in instances of technical issues such as service malfunctions or poor/slow performance.

There’s no contract or ongoing commitment. Billing is based on your chosen plan (monthly, quarterly, biannually, yearly). Cancel anytime to stop future billing.

Note: Due to our low pricing and high costs, we require a minimum order value of $10.

We constantly consider user feedback and recommendations. Tell us your desired IP location for proxy use.

Our decisions for new data centers are influenced by user suggestions. Feel free to contact us for acquiring your residential proxy.

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